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What is Jawwy

Jawwy is a new mobile plan from stc.
It's digital-first, works off an app, and customers can personalise, monitor and manage their plan in real time.
With the help of Saudi youth, we've taken a human-centred approach to designing our service & experience.
And we've used digital technology to offer completely new ways of becoming aware and knowing more, buying and receiving, using and managing, and being cared for.
Finally, we’ve simplified pricing and offers, minimising waste and maximising value for our customers.
If you consider all of this, Jawwy represents real experience innovation in the telecoms category.
It's the first service of its kind in the MENA region.

How is it connected to stc?

It's a digital-first mobile plan from stc.

Who’s behind Jawwy?

Jawwy was created as part of an evolutionary initiative driven by stc's Board and leadership.

They brought together a group of leading professionals (some from global and regional telcos, some from stc and some from elsewhere) for this project.

The team began by understanding our youth and their telecoms preferences and pain points using innovative, immersive research techniques. They then devised a plan design to serve them differently, in line with their preferences, using digital means to bypass physical challenges. Then they brought in some of the most innovative technology firms in Silicon Valley and elsewhere to create a quite unique end-to-end experience.

At every stage of development they went back to our youth, sought their input and validated the solution. So Jawwy was really co-created by our youth, our team and our business partners.

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